Sports Park

In an effort to provide more ideal playing fields for soccer and flag football, the City of Sigourney purchased 6 acres on North Main Street in Sigourney with local option sales tax funds. This will provide city residents and visitors an additional park to use and enjoy.

Both the flag football and soccer programs began in 2000.They were initiated because the City wished to offer added opportunities for our youth. Our goal was to introduce new ways for development of teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship while providing exercise and a fun way to stay fit and healthy. An additional benefit is the time the parent/coach spends with their child and the friends of the child!

The first two years of the programs, games were played in various fields all over the city. Some were played in the outfield of Legion Park ball fields, some on the high school practice field and others at Expo. This was very inconvenient. Sigourney Area Development Corp. graciously said yes when we asked to use the current fields, always keeping in mind that the land is for sale and that we may need to relocate at any time. The City prepared the land for play and maintains the land today. The new facility will have three fields; one will be larger and able to be divided for play by the youngest players. The fields will be level (with a small crown allowing for drainage) and run north and south. No more looking into the sun! Off street parking will be provided for approximately 170 vehicles.  Our goal is to play on the new fields in the Fall, 2013.

Also planned is a walking trail around the park which we hope will tie this park to Legion Park, and someday, Lake Belva Deer.

This project has been divided into three phases:

Phase One:  Excavation                                          Completed- Thanks to Hammes Bulldozing
                             Utility Removal                                 Completed- Thanks to City Crew and Brent
                             Seeding                                                  Fall 2012
                             Gravel for parking                             Summer 2013
                             Misc. (signage, fencing, ect.)        When available

Phase Two:  Concession stand/storage/restrooms/picnic tables
                              Playground with fencing
                              Security lighting 
                              Hard surface parking area
                              Benches, scoreboards

With the growing number of children participating in activities each year, we would love to be able to provide them with an adequate playing area. The amount of work to be done each year will depend on available funding. Much of the work that will be done to complete each phase will be through the help of your donations and fundraising.

Did you know that it has been over 80 years that Sigourney has had a new recreational area? What an exciting time to be a part of creating a recreational facility that will be here for years to come.  Help out today and make your mark on what Sigourney will look like in the future.

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