1. The first 1,00 gallons will be billed at $16.55 (minimum charge).
  2. All water consumers outside the city limits shall pay the water rate schedule plus fifty percent (50%).
  3. Water bills are due each month and must be paid by the fifteenth of the month when due or will be subject to a five percent (5%) penalty added to the bill. If the water purchases, sewer rental, or other City services billed jointly, are not paid by the twentieth day of the month after the same has become due, the Clerk shall send notification that the water will be turned off on the last day of the same month.  No services can be restored until all bills are paid current, including a reconnect fee.
  4. Each service shall be billed monthly according to the meter rates established, which entitles the consumer to one thousand (1,000) gallons of water, or fraction thereof, during the month.  This minimum charge will be made even if the property is vacant, unless the water has been turned off at the curb stop by a regular employee of the City. A charge of twenty-five ($25.00) shall be made for turning on water service at the curb stop, unless the water has been disconnected for nonpayment. All water in excess of one thousand gallons shall be charged for according to the rates set forth, and in addition to sewer rental.
  5. The City Council Finance Committee shall review the rates being charged annually to ensure adequacy and proportionality.
  6. All parties understand that the use charge system takes precedence over any terms or condition of agreements or contracts between the City of Sigourney and the users.
  7. The foregoing rates shall be increased by 3 percent (3%) each July 1, beginning July 1, 2012, unless such increase is waived or modified by resolution of the Council prior to the effective date of this increase.