Water Department

IMG_7322The Sigourney Water Treatment Plant and Well Fields are located one mile north of Sigourney. The treatment plant, built in 1994 pumps approximately 200,000 gallons of water daily. It draws water from two sources. Four wells in the Mississippian Aquifer and one well in the Jordan Aquifer. All wells run at the same time and the water is blended. The blended water is first aerated to remove hydrogen sulfide, oxidize iron and manganese. It then enters a 50,000 gallon retention basin for settling. The water then passes through 6 parallel filters which consist of anthracite media over sand. Water then travels through 2 parallel Ion Exchange Softeners. The hardness is reduced by 50% and liquid chlorine is added for disinfection purposes.  As the 200,000 gallon water tower calls for water, two 550gpm pumps alternate sending water to the tower.  The water staff collects and tests water samples at the treatment plant and distribution system daily, weekly and monthly to ensure the treatment plant process is operating properly and providing safe potable water to the community.